Maha Sarakham Rajabhat University recognizes and places importance on knowledge creation. That is consistent with the context and according to international standard processes As well as disseminating knowledge to the public with public media that are Trust and recognition in academic circles Therefore has prepared the journal Mahasarakham Rajabhat University By publishing research articles and academic articles to the public, both hard copy and electronic versions, by assigning the Graduate School to act as a central unit in The process of creating the Mahasarakham Rajabhat University Journal Began to publish to the public, version 1, year 1, from the year 2007 onwards, until now has entered the 14th year

Policy and scope of publication
1. To support academic works of university personnel and general people
2. Disseminate academic works of university personnel and the general public.
3. Establish the correct communication channel for knowledge. Between scholars Researchers and people interested in the development of local and international wisdom

1. To disseminate quality academic and research works
2. To promote the creation and exchange of knowledge in the humanities, social sciences
3. To enable those interested to use the knowledge for reference and wide-ranging use.
4. To be a forum to present academic works of university personnel and the general public

Scope of publication
Journal of Mahasarakham Rajabhat University Is an academic journal which publishes academic articles covering research articles in the humanities, social sciences. The published subjects include studies in economics, business administration and management, political science, public administration, law, linguistics, psychology and interdisciplinary issues in humanities and social sciences. By presenting in the form
1. Academic articles Or review article
2. Research articles that are part of the research results Or are all parts of the research completed
3. Book reviews