Family life: independent living of multiple disabilities

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This article aims to analyze the lifestyle of families who have children with disabilities that affect independent living of disabled children. The family is the environment that influence children's development in various fields, such as physical development, behavior, emotion, social, language, culture and independent living. The family's status, relationship economic status, occupation, beliefs, traditions, culture and society are the factors that affect disabled people both directly and indirectly. The author would like to present a perspective on life that affect families of children with disabilities. By studying the framework of ecological theory. The author found that the strong communities, with these help from institutions of government and private organizations including, communities have knowledge and understand for disabled children, communities' cooperation. Parenting of families will help to encourage disabled people. In addition, families have a career that is appropriate in line with the community context to independent living and reduce dependency on others for support and not being a burden of society.

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