Educational Opportunity Iniciatives: From Theories in Classroon Settings to Practices in Fieldwork

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รุ่งทิวา ไชยชมภู
รัชนีกร ทองสุขดี


Educational opportunity is an essential part of improving one’s quality of life, no matter who that person is or what limitations he or she has. Though there are quotes like "Education for all” or “All for education” and “Everyone has a right to education." (UNESCO,1990) announced worldwide, the true situation, in fact, many children all around the world are still lack of educational opportunity as well as lack of opportunity to practice self-development according to their potential.  My case study at Wawee Subdistrict, Mae Suai District, Chiang Rai Province in Thailand is a child with special needs who lives among the situation mentioned above. During the field research, I had to transit my role from a data collector into an information provider as well as adapted classroom learning theories into practical theories at the same time in order to focus on concrete achievements that connected to educational opportunities and developments of that case study. As results, I found out that there are various problems among Thailand's education for children with disabilities that become barriers to their educational opportunities.

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