Focus and Scope

     Thai Environmental Engineering Journal seeks to provide an interdisciplinary platform for the disseminating of recent research with interesting modernized and useful content, focusing on high quality theory-oriented papers and those highlighting adaptation and practicality in the environmental field. 

Hence, the papers to be published will be subject to review by experts in the relevant field, so their academic quality and use must be evident. 

      Thai Environmental Engineer Journal covers the following subjects

  • - Treatment Processes for Water and Wastewater
  • - Air Pollution and Control
  • - Solids and Hazardous Waste Management
  • - Site Remediation Technology
  • - Water Resource Management; Surface water and Ground water
  • - Environmental Protection and Conservation
  • - Impact Assessment of Pollution and Pollutants
  • - All areas related to Environmental Engineering and Sciences. 

Peer Review Process

     All papers sent to the journal will be reviewed their consistencies of scope and format. The corrected papers will be reviewed their quality by at least 3 specialized peer-reviewers. Reviewing process is double-blind peer review. Papers published in our journal have to be judged as “Pass” or “Pass with some conditions” from at least 2 peer-reviewers. In case of one reviewer judged “Fail” and another judged “Pass" of "Pass with some conditions”, the paper will be additional reviewed by the 3rd reviewer who will give the final decision. 

Types of articles

       1. Research article

       2. Academic Article

       3. Review Articles 



Publication Frequency

      Three issue are published a year

  • - Issue 1 January  - April
  • - Issue 2 May - August
  • - Issue 3 September - December

Open Access Policy  
       This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. 


      Environmental Engineering Association of Thailand (EEAT)

       ISSN 1686-2961 (Print)

       ISSN 2673-0359 (Online)