Effects of Operation Conditions on Oily Wastewater Treatment Efficiency of Coalescer Process

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Chinnawat Chaiyakool
Pisut Painmanakul
Nattawin Chawaloesphonsiya


This research aims to study the effects of operating conditions on oily wastewater treatment efficiency of coalescer process. The experiments were conducted for separating the synthetic oily wastewater concentration 0.5-2 g/L by polypropylene tubes packed as a coalesce media in a rectangular tank. The bed lengths of 3-10 cm were applied in both vertical and horizontal flow conditions with the fluid velocities of 6.1-18.9 m/h. The results showed that, under the proper operation, the coalescer gave the treatment efficiency up to 78%. Study of the effects of the parameters found that increasing the flow velocity the efficiencies of coalescer decreases in both vertical and horizontal. Increasing the bed length resulted in higher treatment efficiency only in the vertical coalescer.


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