Evaluation of Properties of Artificial Wood Building Walls from Fast Growing Wood Chips

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The research aims to study the use of fast-growing wood chips such as acacia mangium willd and Leucaena leucocepphala (Lam.) de Wit developed to be the artificial wood wall products. The forming ratio of 1 sheet was determined with size 30 x 30 x 1 cm and the crushed fast-growing wood chips approximately 1,400 grams per weight of isocyanate adhesive equal to 10, 8 and 6 per percent of fast-growing wood chips, respectively. Forming samples using hot pressing method mixed with fast-growing wood chips and isocyanates. Then put in the heat press machine at 125 degrees Celsius, pressure 50 bar in 5 minutes, leave it for 24 hours. After that testing was performed according to TIS 876-2547 standard on flat sheet plywood, it was found when mixing a lot of isocyanate adhesive, the properties of the specimens tended to be improved in every area and the crushed acacia mangium willd wood chips debris usage made every aspect of the sample sheet better than Leucaena leucocepphala (Lam.) de Wit wood chips usage. The optimum ratio for usage is using crushed Leucaena leucocepphala (Lam.) de Wit wood through 8 mm sieve equal to 1,400 grams per isocyanate adhesive content equal to 84 grams that showed a density of 800 kg/m3, 3.85 percent of moisture, Inflation according to 2.63 percent thickness, flexural strength 14.65 MPa, modulus of elasticity 1,816.21 MPa, tensile strength perpendicular to the surface 0.43 MPa, tightness of the surface 0.82 MPa and thermal conductivity coefficient 0.1287 watts/m-degrees Kelvin because it contained the lowest cost budget, good thermal insulation and all the qualifications passed according to the specified standards.


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