Current state of onsite wastewater treatment systems of rafts and riverfront buildings in Kanchanaburi, Uthai Thani and Phetchaburi Province, Thailand

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Vitharuch Yuthawong
Suchat Laungprasert


Deterioration of water quality in rivers is quite a concern in Thailand especially in the provinces where there is high intensity of river-related tourism industry. In such provinces, rafts and riverfront buildings, serving as tourism services (i.e. restaurants, hotels and water activities), generate and directly discharge partially or even untreated wastewater into rivers causing damage to the waterbodies. Although most of the buildings have installed onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWWTs), they are not capable of providing effluent with good water quality. Where OWWTs are not applicable, especially on rafts, wastewater is directly discharged into the water bodies. Current state of OWWTs of the rafts and riverfront buildings is critical in order to cope with the deteriorated water quality of the rivers. In this study, we explored types and treatment efficiencies of OWWTs in three provinces in Thailand including Phetchaburi, Kanchanaburi and Uthai Thani Province. The investigation indicated that the types of OWWTs were traditional cesspools and commercial septic tanks whose effluent quality was not suitable for direct discharge. Wastewater management options were recommended for the rafts and riverfront buildings.

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Suchat Laungprasert, Kasetsart University

Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, Thailand


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