Kinetics of Organic and Inorganic Degradation in Biofilter Using Isolated Bacteria from Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Patinya Sookpanya
Warawut Suadee
Thirawatthana Pharamat
Sorn Suwannachot
Mongkol Ratcha


The objective was to study the kinetics of the degradation of hydrogen sulfide, benzene and xylene in a lab-scale biofilter. Pseudomonas aeruginosa S19 and Bacillus cereus O5-1/1 were fixed on the surface of plastic pall rings and used as media in the lab-scale biofilter. Synthetic polluted air contained hydrogen sulfide, benzene and xylene was generated and introduced into the 106-liter
lab-scale biofilter. Various concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, benzene and xylene in the synthetic polluted air were adjusted and introduced into the biofilter. The inlet flowrate of the synthetic polluted air was controlled about 5.0 liters/minute.  The concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, benzene and xylene were measured at the inlet and also after passing through the media layers in the biofilter at the heights of 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25 and 1.50 meters. Flowrate, temperature and humidity were recorded.

The retention time of the synthetic polluted air in the biofilter (EBRT) was calculated at each efficiency, inlet and outlet concentration. Results data of each pollutant from the experiment were plotted to determine the correlation according to the various kinds of the kinetic equations. From the results of the study can be concluded that the degradation of hydrogen sulfide, benzene and xylene in the biofilter were zero-order reaction limited by bacterial degradation. The kinetic equations were
C0-C = k0t. The zero order reaction rate constants (k0) of these kinetic equations were:

- Hydrogen sulfide,  k0 = 0.0159 ppm. s-1

- Benzene,  k0 = 0.0219 ppm. s-1

- Xylene,  k0 = 0.0458 ppm. s-1.

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