Hazardous Waste Management of Establishments Motorcycle Repair Shop in the Phuket Municipality Area Mueang District, Phuket Province

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Nitiya Sangkhanan
Narisa Auengchaun


Hazardous waste management of establishments motorcycle repair shop in Phuket municipality area, Mueang district, Phuket province has the objective to study on types, quantity, and methods in managing hazardous waste from motorcycle repair shop, as well as on problems, obstacles, and suggestions for hazardous waste management. In this study, record forms were used to collect data on type and quantity. Interview, observation, and taking photos were used to record on methods on storing hazardous waste from 10 motorcycle repair shops. Questionnaire was used to study on hazardous waste management, problems, obstacle, and suggestions from 55 motorcycle repair shops. The data was collected from August - October 2018.

The result shows that in 100 percent of hazardous waste consists of the following types:
1) engine oil, 2) tyre, 3) inner tube, 4) grease can, and 5) engine oil can. In terms of quantity of hazardous waste, engine oil, gear oil, and lubricant oil are 443.80 liters in total. The total amount of tyre is 624 pieces and 2,431 pieces for total amount of inner tube. The result of the study on hazardous waste management found shows that used oil buckets are used for storing engine oil, which is a good way to reduce contamination. For used tyre and inner tube are stacked up in the shop without any containers, which need to be improved in order to reduce contamination. Regarding the methods for hazardous waste management, the most used method is waste buying companies, which is accounted for 100 percent including engine oil, metal parts, chains, lubricant oil, and gear oil. Items that are most disposed to municipality’s bin are gloves with engine oil stain and used face masks, which accounted for 100 percent. Re-use is accounted for 90.90 percent, which include clothes with engine oil stain. Selling is accounted for 21.82 percent and the items that most sold are lubricant and engine oil cans. Other methods like putting in closed garbage bags and lay by municipality bins accounted for 74.55 percent on waste that contaminated with engine oil. The study on problems and obstacles found that the lack of discipline in managing hazardous waste is the major cause of improper hazardous waste management, which is accounted for 85.47 percent. The study on suggestion for hazardous waste management found that most of the operators suggest that there should be bins for each type of hazardous wastes specified clearly. This suggestion is accounted for 89.10 percent.


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