Utilization of Biogas for Boiler System to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission from Distillery Factory

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Arunya Suthaphod
Wilasinee Yoochatchaval


This research evaluates the greenhouse gas emission reduction from LPG saving due biogas utilization to fuel boiler. The Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket reactor (UASB) has been used for stillage wastewater treatment. Thus, the net biogas production from this unit is 694,164 m3/year. The biogas is mainly composted with 62.06 ± 4.07% of CH4 and has heating value of 18,167.34 kJ/m3 which can replace 34% of the consumed LPG for steam generation at boiler system. Utilization of biogas instead of LPG is associated with direct and indirect GHG emissions reduction by 3,478 tCO2e/year (51.31%) and 198 tCO2e/year (2.92%), respectively. A significant portion of GHG emission diminution associates with the direct GHG reduction by replacement of LPG at boiler system and rescinding of biogas flaring. Generally, the biogas utilization is found to be a promising technology in engagement the constraint on energy consumption situation and mitigating climate change.


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