Development of Bobae Wholesale Garment Night Flea Market on Public Footpath of Phadung Krungkaseam Canal Bank and Krungkaseam Road, Bangkok, Thailand

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Chayutt Kingngoen
Thares Srisatit


With regard to the survey, Bobae night flea market has its own significant problems namely the usage of market spaces and the vendors/workers' activities. This research objective, therefore, is to study the problems and developmental needs of this flea market to determine layout and guidelines that will solve the significant problems and make the usage of Krung Kaseam Road and pavement for the greater benefit in supporting the community’s economy. This research is a qualitative type using in-depth interviews with residents and businessmen in the area, as well as buyers and vendors of the flea market. Preliminary study was used to compose a proposal to seek for opinions of the experts and representatives of the 4 stakeholders about the new flea market layout and development guidelines before ultimate conclusion of researchers. Summary from the in-depth interviews showed major problems that need development agreed by 70-100% of all the sample groups namely traffic, walkway and pavement, security system, cleanliness, and inadequate facilities such as toilets, trash bins, CCTV, fire extinguishers, lighting, car park, taxi station, publicity signs, the adjustment on activities of vendors/workers in this flea market that interfere public spaces and households as well as an improvement in management of this flea market. The ultimate proposal of development shows a new market’s layout and guidelines that aim to orderly and solve all these significant problems of Bobae night flea market, therefore, reducing conflicts and negative impacts on all parties, supporting in growth of community’s economy and trade.


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