The Exposure of the Social Media Network of Faculty of Mass Communication Technology

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The research objective is to analyze usage and exposure of the social media network of Faculty of mass communication technology. A user need of the social networking censorship is based on a survey research. Samples used in the study - teachers, alumni and students within the faculty, total number is 306 people. Sampling was started in a fiscal year of 2014 with Stratified Random Sampling method. Statistics are used to analyze the data values in percentage, average and standard deviation for One-way ANOVA and t-test (LSD). A result of this research shows that based on the findings, issues can debate as follows: A usage of devices for surfing network of social media, the most of smart phones account for the social media network at home of the time spent - common period turnarounds 20:01 to 00:00 hrs. A representation of a daily usage on network of social media is 4-6 hours/day. Equivalent today-per-week using of social media networks is active online every day. The smart phone is in use at all times. Meanwhile, the popular social media network daily user accounts from experienced in the use of social media networks. Most of the more than four years, representational use for news/information perception. The most common tool of online social media network is Facebook. Faculty’s people, a use of social media networks, Facebook applications take into account essentially. The exposure of the social media network can be specifically considered as: the streaming information perception of the faculty’s network of social media is moderate. Considering the news that graduation ceremony in 2013, social interaction with the media is moderate. It is considering whether to press “Like” button on Facebook user’s expression from media relating to the Faculty is the highest. The use of social media within the network is moderate.


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