A Strategy to Enhance Nangloeng Market as a Cultural Tourist Destination

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นนท์ณพร กิติศรีปัญญา
สิริพร ป้องกงลาด
กรรณิการ์ บูรพาพิชิตภัย


his research aims to enhance Nangloeng Market as a cultural tourist destination and
to assist Nangloeng Market to manage its cultural object into a sustainable way. This research
applied a qualitative research design. Primary sources were from field work as data collecting,
interviewing 7 groups, totally 28 participants, namely people responsible for Nangloeng Market’s
tourism management and services both government and private sectors, leaders of the
community, small enterprises, local people, tour leaders, and tourists by using indicative questions.
The second sources were investigated, analyzed from various kinds of information such as academic
document, and previous research, then interpreted based on knowledge and experiences of the
researcher. It was found that 60.71% of the 7 groups credited on integrated strategy, including
Communication Theory, Stakeholders’ Involvement, Civil State Empowerment, Social Network
by Facebook, a campaign by Tourism Authority of Thailand, and Food Safety Standard as a
strategy to enhance Nangloeng Market to manage tourism sustainably rather than applying
the single method which was 39.29% in calculation.


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