Guideline for the Administration according to the Digital University Policy of the Executive of Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon

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The objectives of this research were 1) to study the guidelines for Administration of
Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon towards Digital University 2) to study the
policy recommendation of the executive for the administration towards Digital University.
The researcher proceed this research with the Exploratory Sequential Design, one type of the
mixed research method, which is firstly conducted with Qualitative Research through the
recommendation form the interview of the executive in order to create the questionnaires.
Then, it is processed statistical data with package program for approving the conclusion result
of the Qualitative Research in order to have the more complete conclusion of research.
The research indicated that the Executive give recommend of the guidelines for Administration
towards Digital University as follows: 1) Guideline for Human Resources Management; the university
must have personal with knowledge, Skills of using technology and language and must maintain
the human resources with knowledge. The head for the university must be modern personality
to the key of Digital University. 2)

Guideline for Financial Management; the university must have
sufficient budget for Digital University Policy proceeding, Earn money from education and research
grants, and also have an investment for procurement in order to be ready not less than other
universities 3) Guideline for Organization Management; the university must be proactive management,
provide policy of using Digital University. The administration of any matters which must use
the more digital technique. Must create good governance system and the management towards
a quality organization and prepare physical plan to develop the university. 4) Guideline for
Material and equipment Management; the university shall have the more an investment
in worth materials, have the equipment enough for the officers. The infrastructure should be
ready and should be rent instead of purchase because of easy to manage. 5) Guideline for
Information Technology Management; the university shall use the Information Technology System
to manage in every activities in order to reduce paper, with the same information, such
system must be sufficient, efficient, stable and safe. The university should support the use of this system to officers


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