Tropical Strategy of Modern Architecture in Cambodia through the works of Vann Molyvann

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Pisith Ty


Cambodia has been developing in an accelerating speed in the past few decades. However, architectures were built without much concern of sustainability. Most of the newly built structures are simply equipped with air-conditioning system which costs high energy consumption. The purpose of the study is to search for architectural strategy dealing with the tropical climate for contemporary architecture in Cambodia with more appropriate technology and sustainability’s approach. Large scale modern buildings in the pre- air-conditioned period specifically those built in the 1960s by Vann Molyvann, who is considered as a father of modern architecture of Cambodia are selected as case studies. The three buildings are The National Sport Complex, Preah Suramarit National Theatre and Chaktomuk Conference Hall which share the similar features of a big indoor space without minimal air-conditioned space. Architectural elements such as the walls, roofs, openings and other features that efficiently deal with tropical climate will be analysed in details in relation to the site and programs of each building. The research will use literature reviews, drawings and on-site observations to analyse the buildings of Vann Molyvann. The study would lead to an introduction of suitable tropical strategy for contemporary architecture in Cambodia and provide practical guidelines for future economical and efficient designs that can be implemented at a low cost in Cambodia and other regions of the world with tropical climates.

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