Law & Regulation Regarding Construction in Lao People's Democratic Republic

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Lao PDR has incessantly grown in economies. The majority of investments in infrastructure builds and structural construction work have more increased, yet laws that related to construction work haven’t been assembled systematically in organizational profession. Therefore, the objective is to study and educate in laws regarding the construction work in Lao PDR by compiling laws and the acts of the law from official documents, involved institutes and agencies including an interview with legal experts, architects and engineers.

         According to the study, the building construction control in Lao PDR has originally begun in 1993, controlled by state Orders and notifications. Later in the period of time in 2005 until present

        It appears that the amount of building construction’s laws 76 issues consisting 19 issues of Decisions as the highest number, next on down to 17 issues of Laws, 13 issues of Decrees, Regulation 7 issues, Declare 5 issues, Ordinance and Rule 4 issues and another 4 issues on Instruction.  By the most-signed person on Decisions is the prime minister. So as to the ministry of public work and transport obtains the highest number of laws related to building construction. Moreover Luangprabang World heritage office which have governance on regulations, rules must related to architectural  strictly to Luangprabang city.

     Laws related to building construction are divided into 4 sections such as land law and urban 15 issues , law of architecture 52 issues, Environmental and energetic law at 17 issues And Profession and design 5 issues

Law regards to building construction in Lao PDR has dramatically increased from past until now due to the growth of political, social economic situation. Pulsing the governmental policy that aims to establish the state to become the state of laws. In terms of the control of building construction, there’s the main department which is Ministry of Public Work and Transportation and the other ministries. Moreover, there also found the causes of the law issues such as the ambiguity and coincidence of laws, the construction’s height and also appears that there’s no controlling law for particular and specific buildings. This is the challenging for the related organisation for revision and legislate laws in the future.

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