Modern Architecture of Myanmar : A Case Study of Rangoon Engineering College (1956)

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Pale Thitsar Kyaw


Conventional research studies regarding the history of the architecture of Myanmar focuses on traditional and colonial architecture. Modern architecture of the country in the post-colonial period has not received significant attention. With little studies conducted on modern architecture in Myanmar, modern buildings are under threat of deterioration and demolition. Thus, the purpose of this study is to fill the research gap of the study of modern architecture in Myanmar. In this study, Rangoon Engineering College was chosen as a case study. Literature reviews, archival documents, drawings, photos and on-site observations were used to analyze buildings. From this study, the uniqueness of modern architecture in Myanmar in relation to local contexts within socio-political, cultural and climatic aspects is revealed. The construction of Rangoon Engineering College was completed in 1956 as part of a newly independent Burma’s modernization project. Designed by British Architect Raglan Squire, it was created with the major consideration of climatic conditions, local culture and traditions of Myanmar within the context of the social-political changes of a new nation. This study could raise awareness of the importance of modern architecture in Myanmar.

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