Design of Renewable Energy in Village Committee ; Case Study Sena Park Ville and Sena Park Grand Remmintra – Wongwaen by Sena Development

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Sena Development Public Company Limited has initiated the design of renewable energy house models. construction in the year 2011, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Sena Development Public Company Limited, Asst.Prof.Dr.Kesara Thanyalakphak Leading realestate entrepreneurs in Thailand as the first developer to make full solar villages Is committed to rewarding society by being part of the conservation of the world Conserve the environment in the past, there has been a study of clean energy for maximum benefit to the public. by starting to change the world as well. starting from Sena Park Ville and Sena Park Grand (Ramintra - Wongwaen) is a pilot project under the Solar Smart Village concept or full solar village to create a community to save the world for all. people turned to using clean energy and instilling energy-saving consciousness starting from the homes of residents. In addition, the concept of interior layout design also takes into account the direction of the sun-wind. by placing references north-south and the building is slightly overlap for ventilation and the direction of the annual wind The energy-saving house is designed according to the standard of living of the residents and communities. with the design of the house style in accordance with the usage requirements Openings and roofs suitable for Thailand's climate with the filing distance of the eaves, can shield the sun and rain well consistent with the facade that covers the position of the sun during the daytime and can actually be used with all Sena projects by maintaining environmental and energy-saving benefits
This research team focuses on study energy saving house model of Sena Park Ville and Sena Park Grand Project (Raminthra - Wongwaen) with the scope of research is concepts and development models that energy-saving homeowners of the Sena Development Public Company Limited project and literature review to find ideas and consistency of energy-saving home design projects And report the results of the study of the Sena Park Ville project And Sena Park Grand (Ramintra - Wongwaen) by dividing the presentation into 4 topics: 1) Attitude of entrepreneurs 2) Limitations in applying the standard criteria 3) Possibility to apply the standard criteria and 4) From the interview of entrepreneurs With suggestions for improving energy-saving house designs
From the interview of entrepreneurs have understanding and consideration of various details in the layout design regarding the direction of the sun - the wind is the main by placing references north-southeast and the building is slightly overlap the building itself reflects the conceptual framework and processes that lead to economical houses.

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