Physical Feature Related to The Usage of Multipurpose Room in Royal Thai Embassies and Royal Thai Consulates General

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Chalunthorn Chootinun


Royal Thai Embassy and Royal Thai Consulates General have employed multipurpose rooms to conduct their protocol and other events according to Ministry of Foreign Affair’s policies and strategic plans. The multipurpose rooms can accompany a variety of users and events, making them become a key representation of high dignity for Thailand. The various usages of the rooms might lead to certain problems and obstacles, namely limited spaces that are not flexible to host the events, the elements of the rooms that do not co-align with events’ types, both of which might impact on the national image and the users’ safety of lives and properties.
The aim of this research is to study about physical feature of multipurpose room, the relationship of physical feature and the usages of space, and the problems when using multipurpose rooms inside Royal Thai Embassy and Royal Thai Consulates General. The research methodologies are to 1) revise related documents and theories, 2) analyze from data collected from architectural structures drawing of the rooms, 3) explore the current physical features of multipurpose room in the case study, 4) interview related sample groups, and 5) analyze data, conclude finding, and give suggestions.
According to analytical data, the multipurpose rooms should be designed to have certain flexibilities that can support various usages for any events. Using the spaces for hosting each event, however, also demands distinct physical features which depend on the events’ objectives, processes of hosting events, and sizes and types of the users. The physical problems found during utilizing the spaces are the fact that 1) the purpose and usage of the rooms are not taken into account during designing processes and 2) the using the rooms do not fit with the purposes of the room when they were first designed.
The findings illustrate that for one can achieve the highest results when hosting events that are varied in types and sizes, should cover informative contents about design requirements for using the rooms, along with factors and criteria that one should consider when designing effective spaces. With these in mind, this can have a profound impact on MFA officials whose responsibilities involve maintenance and designs of Royal Thai Embassy and Royal Thai Consulates General as well as professionals whose works relate to this issue.

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