The Physical Outdoor Space Improvement Guidelines for Walailak University Green Campus Concept

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          Walailak University is a residential university equipped with modern educational facilities, services and accommodation for students and staff, located against a beautiful backdrop of mountain scenery. Walailak University is designed as a comprehensive university to serve the people of Thailand. All activities are designed to enhance Walailak University’s uniqueness in its ultimate goal to become “The Education Park of ASEAN”. Although the development of modern technology has increased, making daily life patterns have been changed. The use of space has the potential effect of areas of the University. Based on loss of green space vacant buildings and the energy use. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of their potential to move into a green campus. Green University is an approach developed at the University of worldwide importance. Walailak University aimed at being a sustainable Green University .It was a reason to participate in the UI Green Metric World University Ranking.
This research aimed to study of ways to improve the physical outdoor space of Walailak University by using the factors and indicators of UI Green Metric World University Rankings as goals and guidelines to evaluate potentials and problems. The assessment tools are devised from literature reviews, related theories, case study approach to under Green University concept in Thailand and our field research including multiple interviews with the officers and supervisor of the green university project and summarize information and discuss results with suggestions.
The research found that to become a Green University is caused by processes in the environment for a Green University, which is based on the ranking criteria of UI Green Metric World University. To implement a green university, has been considering ways to bring into action in the five factors including: 1) Setting and Infrastructure 2) Energy and Climate Change 3) Waste Management 4) Water Management 5) Transportation. The results of the analysis of the importing rating data in suburban found that Mahidol Salaya University and Naresuan University are ranked the most environmentally friendly university in Thailand, therefore, used as a case study of green university operations and applied as guidelines for improvement. The analysis showed that five of the indicators had reached the goal of green university. The most important problem that should get priority attention was energy and climate change .So,this study proposed to reduce cars and motorcycles usage by providing a vehicle-free zone and using landscape elements to reduce carbon dioxide production.

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