Concept and Management Pattern of Social Enterprise in Songkhla Old Town

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      Cultural World Heritage Sites from UNESCO are able to be considered as an asset with high outstanding universal values. However, the inappropriate management pattern can result in negative impact to the heritage site. Referring to the resolution of the cabinet, Songkhla Old Town was enlisted as one of the declared cities to be conserved and protected in Thailand. It was somehow fortunate that the conservation concept works harmoniously with Old Town Conservation Policy from the local government and community by sharing the same goal in encouraging to submit Songkhla Old Town as a nominated site in UNESCO World Heritage Site. To pursue that desire, the old town management plan should be carefully considered and prepared. “Songkhla Heritage Trust”, an organization aiming at conserving and developing Songkhla Old Town and associated areas, has continuously gathered and disseminated knowledge as well as monitored any transformation in order to sustain the town’s values. Furthermore, the organization also encourages the cooperation between local community, private sectors and government sectors. According to the literature review and case studies, it is noticeable that one of the opportunities in developing the old town is the idea of Social enterprise, which will yield mutual benefit in conserving the old town. By raising funds in establishing The Songkhla Heritage Company Limited, the management plan of the old town was drawn and implemented. With that reason, it is believed that the action will lead to sustainable development and conservation in Songkhla Old Town.
          The study has adopted the Participatory Action Research that was concordant with the social enterprise implementation process. The researcher has gathered data according to the context of the study area, analyzing the data in order to identify problems and seek for suitable solutions and providing proper conservation scheme as well as observing and reflecting research outcome. Referring to the working scheme, the prototype organization, Songkhla Heritage Company Limited, has invited Baan Kao Mo community to be its shareholder. The researcher has strong determination that the organization will achieve managing the business plan with the participation process. Furthermore, the related tasks of the project also include the restoration of high significant value fabric, the management of cultural tourism, the design of local craft, the activity management with local community and the assessment of overall operation. The conclusion of the research will be considered as one of possible approaches toward the encouragement of Songkhla Old Town conservation and development procedure. The outcome of the research will be able to bring about positive transformation in the town namely the renovation of shophouses on Nongjik Road, the happening of Songkhla Old Town knowledge center, the restoration of Pun Tao Kong Shrine and the management of Songkhla Heritage community enterprise. To sum up, all of these actions share the same goal in passing knowledge about social enterprise that the town will be a good model for sustainable conservation and development for future practice.

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