Transformation of Residential Activities in CBD under Digital Technology Case Study: Single Living Unit of Condominiumม Transformation of Residential activities in CBD under digital technology Case study : single living unit of Condominium

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Noramon Urailertprasert


         The objectives of this research are to study transformation of the activities elements for residential design under the factors digital technology driven. Data collecting of digital technology driven conducted through articles and documents are specified into 5 categories which are 1) Service 2) Personalization 3) Control 4) Visualization 5) Communication. Residential activities are classified into 4 categories which are 1) Basic 2) Production 3) Movement 4) Recreation. The analysis of changes is conducted through 3 elements of activity: 1) Verb of procedure 2) Tool 3) Space.

           The study indicated that digital technology driven effect in procedure of residential activities comprise of 2 types 1) Directly affects the activity by 3 factors: Control Visualize and Service. 2) Indirectly impact on the operation of activities. Personalize digital technology driver affects the Control, Visualization and Service, then results in activities. Communication digital. The spatial changes are divided into 3 types: 1. Disappear of living space 2. Less used of living space 3. More used of living space. The results of the study are part of the data to support the development of a residential design program under the digital technology driver in the future.

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