Composite Wood-Steel Truss from Local Timber for Housing Beam Construction

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Wongsakron Sawangwong
Songkiat Tearthisup


           This article is an experimental research to study the property and usage of processed Thai woods as a replacement of the imported glulaminate timber (Glulam) when used in wood-steel truss application. It also explores literatures that study standards and catalogues of wood-steel truss applications used overseas. This study of truss structure covers the pattern, characteristics and dimensions of truss design. This study also covers mechanical properties of Thai processed woods in comparison to imported glulaminate timber (Glulam) by comparing modulus of elsticity and specific gravity.

            This study aims to reveal essential information for designing wood-steel truss by using load bearing test simulation software with finite element method. After simulating with the software, successful models will be selected based physical characteristics and mechanical properties whose information is used to arrive at the research outcome.

            The research outcome has provided information for 2 variables that must be included in truss design process. This study provides data on 7 different wood types used in different truss patterns. This prior outcome reveals deformation value and axial load bearing results which can be used to draw a conclusion.

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