Architectural Comparison of Cons Architectural Comparison of Conservation Buildings in the Old Town of Lamphun: A Case Study of Khum Chao Suriya and Khum Chao Yod Ruen

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Jaturavit Jainual


Architectural comparison of conservation buildings in the Old town of Lamphun aims at studying the architecture of Khum Chao Yod Ruen and Khum Chao Suriya, which is the residence of the Lord Lamphun The objectives is to collect Khun Choa style, space and function arrangement planning and relationship between Khun Chao architecture.

This Study compares architectural styles of conserved residential buildings of the Lord Lamphun. The data were collected from relevant literature from journals, books, encyclopedias, online media and from field surveys, collecting data on the architectural style, the layout, elevation structure planning. The collection of information wes used as selection criteria for comparative case study. Then a comparative analysis was performed to summarize the influece of the architectural style of the conservation building of the Lord Lamphun.

The study reveal that Khum Chao is similar in architecturak style when reversing the same direction. They have same architectural style and planning. However, there are some parts of the building that  different, depending on other involved factors. The result of the study leads to Khum Chao architectural conservation guideline and an improvement of building design of the old town of Lamphun.

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