Changes in Usage Area of The Recently Opened Private Hospital Buildings: Synphaet Hospital

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Teeranuch Chaimuang
Bundit Chulasai


According to the theory of Facility Management, each building will deteriorate over time so there must be improvements or renovations. From the preliminary study, it was found that the hospital has changed Including a recently opened hospital. The objective is to study the pattern and the reasons for changes in hospital. There are 3 Synphaet Hospital which recently opened as a case study. The study method was comparing the as-built drawing plan with the actual building and interviewing relevant persons, including the executives, architects and building administrators about these changes.

The results of this study found that the changed parts are 1. utilization change by using area in similar activities, but the plan does not change and 2. The plan has been changed, but its utilization does not change because quantitative demand of space usage, the medical equipment or the service plan has changed. These is the result of decisions made by personnel and hospital executive.

The unchanged parts were some usage area, vertical circulation, and each floor main circulation.

It was also found that there were the unused parts, both decorated and empty space, are temporary set at other areas due to the full construct of a whole building and avoiding the building extension that will affect the medical service.

While the old hospital has changed due to the dilapidation of the building, technology development and business expansion but the new hospital has changed for the above reasons.

This change is one factor that should be considered in a hospital design.

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