The Development of Housing for Homestay, to Tourism and Community Involvement: Ayutthaya

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Warangkana Wongoui
Pimnapat Chansai
Nawhath Thanvisitthpon


Research on the development of residential areas of people in the prototype area studied Ayutthaya province, a tourist city and a World Heritage city, allowing people to generate income from housing improvements to distribute tourism income to the household sector and guide the development of homestays for communities and those interested in tourism in the area and strengthening communities to guide the management of building areas to be the right homestay, as well as to help provide advice, advice to entrepreneurs or interested parties to continue to carry out homestays in the future. The survey was conducted and analyzed by a sample of homestay users, both Thai and foreign, and selected four homestays that were homestays certified by the Department of Tourism. It has a local identity and is owned by local people living in the area.

 The results of the study of indicators led to the development of more effective homestay design models. A design approach that emphasizes the pattern of maintaining as much of a native identity as possible. The researchers surveyed a sample of four homestay businesses in Ayutthaya province as a model for the design and development of homestays to promote the economy and communities in the province, as well as analyzed. Basic economics and the possibility of housing development in Ayutthaya province as a source of income promotion for the community in the form of homestays.

The study concluded that the majority of the public is of the opinion that there should be a policy to promote tourism by making developments alongside conservation. This includes improving the knowledge of locals, utilities and preserving the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the community as part of the factors that contribute to homestay tourism. Ayutthaya has a wide range of tourism resources, the traditional life of the homestay tourism development community, if there is a good enough development plan, there will be a positive impact on the economy. As well as supporting and promoting tourism from relevant government agencies.

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