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Suradech Pookjean
Phatsaphan Charnwasununth
Bundit Chulasai


In the past construction of residency began from family or community. It was organized the size which is only one multi-purpose room. It took a short time to build. After that it was changed to building which assemble several rooms. Thus, there is increasing in professionals and specific construction equipment to meet the market demands and owner needs of residential concept

Nowadays, most of developers initiate the new constriction design in order to control the time and productivity of the construction. For example, prefabricated construction, prefabricated homes and prefabricated building which are manufactured off-site in advance.  It is easily shipped and assembled in each area. The preliminary survey shown that the prefabricated contractors use different structural steel to suitable with each part. In term of big construction companies, they have modern machine to build the modular homes off-site in advance and transport to assemble in the customer area. On the contrary, some prefabricated contractors don’t have modern machine. They use the different material and tool to build prefabricated homes and no have certain standard with it. 

Therefore, the objective is to study steel fabrication houses using interviews of 4 operating companies as the case studies.

The study found that the assembly at factories can be divided into 8 work categories which are structural work, Electrical and Sanitary work, wall work, roof work, ceiling work, floor work, doors-windows work and restroom work. The working hours of labor for the assembly which each company spend 10-16 day or 262-576 man-hour. In addition, the structures have to use different sizes of steel. The walls use fiber-cement and ISOWALL. The roofs use metal sheets, ISOWALL and Shingle Roof.

The installation at the construction sites can be divided into 4 work categories which are foundation work, house lifting and installation, restroom, and Electrical and Sanitary work. The working hours of labor for the installation which each company spent 1-3 day or 25-101 man-hour.

In process of assembly and installation, the steel fabrication houses require 312-617 man-hour or about 9-12 days. The reason is, it is subjected to the material variation in each part as a well or rooftop which lead to the amount of time and labor

Moreover, the study found that there are 2 types of foundation structures which are the cast in place on ground slab and pile. The piles, which raise the slab from the ground, are more suitable because drainage is more convenient than on ground slab.

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