The Development of Integrated Local Curriculum on The Civilized Way of Ban Nong Khao Community Lifestyle of fifth Grade Students

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พิษณุวัฒน์ พวงเงิน (Pitsanuwat Pvongngern)
จิตณรงค์ เอี่ยมสำอางค์ (Chitnaron GIamsam-ang)


The objective of this study were: 1) to study the fundamental data to develop curriculum 2) to develop the curriculum 3) to implement the curriculum and 4) to evaluate the curriculum. Sample group were 40 the 5 grade students of Watintharam “Kowitintharathron” school. Research instruments consisted of interview form, document analysis form, test form, questionnaire, evaluate form and focus group items. Data were analyzed by percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test and content analysis.

        The results were as followed: 1) The student and participants realized and need to develop The Development of Integrated Local Curriculum on The Civilized Way of Ban NongKhao Commnity Lifestyle of 5 Grade Students The curriculum developed consisted 1) rational 2) principle 3) goals 4) course description 5) learning outcomes 6) course structure 7) study time 8) instructional guide 9) leaning media10) measurement and evaluation11) lesson plan. The curriculum had suitable at highest level. 2) The students had learning outcomes after learnt more than before at a 0.05 significance level. 3) The students’ worthiness toward at highest level and the efficiency of curriculum met the criterion of 88.00/88.00. 4) The result of curriculum evaluation by participants at highest level.


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