Activities Models to Enhance Creative Thinking for Higher Educational Students

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ประพันธ์ศักดิ์ ตวงสุวรรณ (Prapansak Toungsuwan)
ศิริณา จิตต์จรัส (Sirina Jitcharat)


The purposes of this research address to:1) Investigate theconditions and needs of creative activities in higher educational students2) Develop creative activity for higher educational students. Qualitative research done via research and development method. Instruments used were 400 questionnaires Multi-Stage Random Sampling selected from 4Universitiesand 8 interviewees selected from 3 Universities to collected conditions and needs of creative activity models for higher educational students. Sample selected from the Administrators, Lecturers, Student-Affairs officers and students.0.96 level of IOC and 0.99 level of r-scale showed. Descriptive statistic and content analysis were used. First creative activity for students designed using for 4 students and developed for 10 students in second experimental. Data verified by 5experts’ connoisseurship.
Result overview1) Conditions and needs were higher level followed the consisted needs of contents, methods and processes of creative activities. 2) The measurement of creative activity developed comprised 4 units “Introduction to Creativity”“Frameless Thinking”“Problem solving” and“Planning Creative-Based Activities”. Efficiency percentage of activity model levelwas 100/93.43 with post-test higher than pretest along with a highest level of activities model to enhance creative thinking for students’satisfaction.


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