The Development of Education Tourism Routes of Stucco Artworks in Mueang Phetch

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จิตตรา มาคะผล (Jittra Makapol)
คีรีบูน จงวุฒิเวศย์ (Kiriboon Jongwutiwes)
บำรุง ชำนาญเรือ (Bamroong Chamnanrua)
อนัน ปั้นอินทร์ (Anan Punin)
พรรณภัทร ปลั่งศรีเจริญสุข (Panpat Plungsricharoensuk)


This research used R & D methodology. The main objective is to develop educational tourism routes of stucco artworks in Mueang Phetchaburi district. By surveying stucco artworks that are important, beautiful and distinctive, and selecting by considering the condition and nature of the works, as well as the location, and designing the educational tourism routes, then trying out the routes. Collecting data from people in local area, ​​students, and relevant persons, totally 113 persons. The research results were as follows: 1) Studied of the Mueang Phetch Stucco Artworks in 71 temples and 3 places outside the temple. 2) Designed educational tourism routes of Stucco Artworks in Mueang Phetch into 4 routes and 4 themes, and made 4 guide books on those routes. 3) The result of tourism activities, the participants were impressed and learned about stucco artworks in various issues such as location, patterns, sculpturing method, traditional stucco preparation, and sculptors in Phetchaburi Province, both in the past and present.


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