Analysis of The Current Condition of Productivity in Fruit Processing Industry of Small and Medium Enterprises

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มนัสนันท์ แจ่มศรีใส (Manasanan Jaemsrisai)
เฟื่องอรุณ ปรีดีดิลก (Fuangarun Preededilok)
อัจฉรา ศรีพันธ์ (Atchara Sriphan)


             The objective of this quantitative research was to analyze the current condition of productivity in fruit processing industry of Small and Medium Enterprises.(SMEs).  The population  was 139 SMEs in fruit processing business from 5 regions throughout Thailand which used 7 major economic fruit namely, Durian, Rambutan,  Mangosteen, Longan, Lychee,  Mango and Longkong in fruit processing productions. Analysis Units were entrepreneurs  or entrepreneurs' representatives. The research methods were comprised of Documentary Research along with using Content Analysis and Survey Research with questionnaire and  analyzed data by finding percentage, Production Function (Cobb-Douglas), Total Factor Productivity  by using the Cronbach’s  Alpha  coefficient with SPSS program.  The research results revealed the fresh fruit raw material factor occurred flexibility = 0.605 with the sig = 0.000  and  labor factor occurred flexibility = 0.412 with the sig = 0.000 while knowledge transfer factor occurred flexibility = 0.115 with the sig = 0.171 so the results indicated both labor factor and fresh fruit raw material factor were positively correlated with overall productivity significantly at statistical significance of 0.05 while  knowledge transfer factor did not have significant relationship with overall productivity in fruit processing industry.


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