Meta-Evaluation and Meta-Synthesis of The Project Evaluation Reports Related to The Promotion and Development of The Quality of Life of The Disabled

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สุวิชญา สิริยานนท์
รุ่งฤดี กล้าหาญ (Rungrudee Klaharn)


The purposes of research were (1) to meta-evaluation and (2) to meta-synthesis of the assessment report of the promotion and development of the quality of life of the disabled. The sample was 21 project evaluation reports of the promotion and development of the quality of life of the disabled. The tools was meta-evaluation and data recording form. The statistical methods included frequency, percentage, mean, S.D. and content analysis. 

The result revealed that, (1) meta-evaluation of the project evaluation reports of the promotion and development of the quality of life of the disabled report quality overview of all standards at an excellent level (gif.latex?\bar{x}= 4.81, S.D.= 0.12), feasibility (gif.latex?\bar{x}=4.90, S.D. = 0.17), accuracy (gif.latex?\bar{x}=4.89, S.D. = 0.14), utility (gif.latex?\bar{x}=4.88, S.D. = 0.15), propriety (gif.latex?\bar{x}=4.74, S.D. = 0.26), evaluation accountability (gif.latex?\bar{x}=4.60, S.D. = 0.43). And (2) meta-synthesis found that most of research issues related to education, purpose of research used CIPP Model, research tool used a questionnaire, method for data analysis was mean, S.D. and percentage.


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