Monitoring of Total Dust and Noise in Weaving Factory in Nakhon Pathom Province

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This research aims to monitor total dust concentration and noise level in the processing area of a weaving factory and compare with the standards issued by the ministry of internal affairs. Five monitoring points including 1) blowing area, 2) spinning area, 3) winding area, 4) double twisting area, and 5) office area were selected. The total dust concentration and noise levels were monitored for a period of 10 month (November 2014-August 2015). The results for five selected points are as follows: the 8 hraverage concentrations of total dust are 9.08, 7.62, 6.54, 7.29 and 4.62 mg/m3 and the 8 hraverage noise levels are 83.05, 90.64, 84.58, 89.88 and 60.99 dB (A) for the monitoring point number 1-5, respectively.

The average concentrations of total dust and noise level presented above do not exceed the standards. However, the best practice should be set for safety and working efficiency of employees. In additions, workers should strictly follow the factory policy in order to prevent adverse health effects that might be caused.


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