Determination of Average Noise Level and Accumulated Noise Exposure at the Worker generated from One Tumbon One Product Case Study: Theptharo Wood Handicraft Group, Trang Province

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The objectives of this study were 1) to determine the average noise level and the accumulated noise exposures to the workers 2) to identify the worker’s opinions on noise occurring from work. The instruments employed in this study were sound level meter, noise dosimeter and a questionnaire. The subjects were ten workers who are working at Theptharo Wood Handicraft Group. The findings from the study revealed that the average noise level occurring from Theptharo production processes; wood sawing, wood grinding, wood polishing, wood drilling, wood turning, wood engraving and product decoration were 88.1 86.5 63.6 100.7 83.6 59 and 63 dB(A) respectively. The accumulated noise obtained from the production processes was (TWA) 77 dB(A) which lower than the OSHA recommendation (not more than 90 dB(A)).  The result from the questionnaire showed that ninety percent of worker’s opinions agreed there were no any effects from noise during work. However, the wood sawing process rarely effect to tinnitus symptoms.


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