Care for the Elderly at Home Volunteers and Citizenship: Connectors to Stronger Community in Thailand

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Piyakorn Whangmahaporn


It is generally accepted that citizenship in democratic countries includes the roles and responsibilities of the members of each society, including respect for the rights and freedoms of others, sacrifice for the collective conscience, and participation in politics and administration. The result from the new concept of the government called "Governance" alters the government to modify its infrastructure and helps in decentralizing social services to the Department of Local Administration as stated in the Planning and Procedures of Decentralizing to the DLA Act, 1999, making a joint local administration acting as a supporter for the DLA become more crucial. Therefore, having a volunteer for caring the elderly in a local area is one of the ways to support in long-term caring of the elderly in such area and to serve as the main part in social services.  They enter a partnership with the public sector and with other mechanisms of the state to provide public services. These volunteers act as connectors between the elderly and the public sector. They are catalysts in the community and have become a veritable cornerstone in the democratic development in Thailand.

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