Urban Skywalk as a Communication Space for Promoting Mental Health: A Linguistic Landscape Analysis

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Jollibee Aharul


Visual linguistic public space as one multimodal platform has been extensively popularized to proliferate grassroot movements. And although, community markings are ubiquitously situated in the Philippines, scientific studies with lens on their contents and relevance are still inadequate in number. An urban skywalk in Cebu City, Philippines, characterized with unique linguistic marks was used as the subject material in this study. The said public infrastructure encompasses linguistic features conveying mental health, one of the most discreet and yet disquieting societal concerns in these latter days. The study is anchored on the frameworks of Systemic Functional Linguistic Model, Social Semiotics, and Multimodality. The data are described and presented based on Discourse Analysis Method and Qualitative- descriptive Approach. Findings do not only reveal the intention and quality of the meaning-making processes behind the linguistic markings in the subject public space. The textual, interpersonal, and ideational functions also unveil the identities and socio-cultural attitudes of its producers and recipients.

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