The Insanity Defence and Disposals in Thailand: from past to present

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Yada Dejchai Tianprasit


The insanity defence is one of the defences under the criminal law, which if successfully raised, would exempt mentally disordered offenders from criminal responsibility and/or punishment. The disposals are measures, which usually attached to the insanity defence, that allow criminal law to handle mentally disordered offenders who are not subjected to punishment. The development of the insanity defence and disposals under criminal law of Thailand could be divided into 3 eras; the insanity defence and disposal under the ‘Three Great Seals’ Law, the Criminal Code R.E.127, and the Criminal Code B.E.2499, which is the current law. This article aims to critically examine the development and analyse the insanity defence and disposals under the criminal law of Thailand.

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