The Joint Persona of the Y/BL Couple: Mile/Apo’s Joint Persona within the Adaptation Network

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Natthanai Prasannam
Nanphatchaon Phumithammarat


        The purpose of this qualitative study is to investigate the joint persona of the BL couple (also known as the Y couple), Mile/Apo. The research examines media texts generated and disseminated by Be On Cloud Company, focusing specifically on the network of fan/industry interaction and adaptation. Be On Cloud Company implements an innovative business model by establishing the Y/BL series within the Mafia genre and by transforming Mile and Apo into an “adult Y/BL couple.” Three distinct phases comprise the construction of Mile/Apo’s joint persona: prior to, during, and subsequent to KinnPorsche the Series (2022). The joint persona presents a critique of the seme/uke dichotomy by combating androgyny and unbalanced masculinity. Mile/Apo's portrayal aligns with a Hollywood-popularized bromance trope, which resonates with slash culture among international fans. The research results validate the significance of bromance as an emerging phenomenon in the Thai Y/BL creative sector, in addition to establishing the interconnections between literary texts, media, actors, fans, series directors, and the production company via an adaptation network.

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Prasannam, N., & Phumithammarat , N. (2023). The Joint Persona of the Y/BL Couple: Mile/Apo’s Joint Persona within the Adaptation Network. Connexion: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 12(2), 172–189. Retrieved from
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