Case Analysis: Internationalization of Two Universities in Southeast Asia

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Annabelle B. Francisco
Sri Lestari
Gilbert R. Arce


This work explored how two institutions of higher learning manage their internationalization initiatives and attempted to identify their good practices in Internationalization. Case study was used as the research design with the participants composed of academic leaders, faculty, and students from both Universities purposefully selected. The Universities have established good practices as host institutions in terms of providing appropriate levels of provision to promote international students and faculty with their transition and adaptation. Nevertheless, since the initiatives are done virtually, a strong support on the establishment of both soft and hard infrastructures coupled with student and faculty capacity building may be considered for the sustainability of the programs.  With the utilization of emerging technologies unfolding to these two Universities, they may consider expanding the collaboration from the student credit transfer and visiting professor program to research and development endeavors and/or to transnational education by developing joint, twinning, double-degree, or offshore programs together.

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Francisco, A. B., Lestari , S., & Arce, G. R. (2023). Case Analysis: Internationalization of Two Universities in Southeast Asia. Connexion: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 12(1), Article ID: 265069. Retrieved from
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