Motivation and Effects of Adventure Sports Tourism in the Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines

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Harland Gary B. Pawid


This study aims to investigate (1) the motivation of tourists for joining adventure sports tourism, (2) the environmental, economic, educational, and sociocultural effects of adventure sports tourism on destinations, and (3) the types of support for sustainable adventure sports tourism development. All these inputs lead to the offering of insights into the design of policies relevant to sports tourism development. The quantitative-descriptive research method was used in this study among 300 primary respondents such as mountain bikers, cross-country runners, and mountain climbers/hikers traversing selected areas in Benguet, Mountain Province, Ifugao, and the City of Baguio. Data were gathered through a researcher-made questionnaire and data were processed through weighted means. Findings revealed that the immersion in nature, with beautiful and unpolluted scenery is their primary motivating factor in enjoining adventure sports tourism among respondents. More so, adventure sports tourism increases environmental awareness, and provides opportunities to meet new people and cultures. Adventure sports tourism helps in cultural exchange and preservation and improves the lifestyle of residents by creating new job opportunities and enabling tourists to learn while enjoying outdoor recreational activities. Respondents firmly believe that the right infrastructure, with proper community engagement and hospitality values, will contribute towards the sustainable development of adventure sports tourism in the different communities in the Cordillera Administrative Region. Lastly, policies were forwarded to increase the responsiveness of the tourists and the community in sustaining adventure sports tourism. Overall, adventure sports tourism enhances the general well-being of individuals, the community, and the region as a whole.

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