The Service Experience Designed Factor Affecting Customer Loyalty: A Case Study in The Healthcare Business in Thailand

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Tarittawan Chareanporn
Tipavinee Suwanwong Rodbundith
Boontip Boonbumroongsuk


This study aims to identify service experience design factors affecting patient loyalty in the Thai healthcare industry. This study adopted a quantitative approach to the research process. With quantitative research, online questionnaires and on-site surveys are used. The sample of this study was 385 respondent’s healthcare business customers. The analysis included frequency, mean, percentage, standard deviation, and multiple regression analysis. The findings of this study showed that all five service experience design factors affected customer loyalty in the healthcare business in Thailand, with a strong level of agreement. There are (1) identifying touchpoints throughout the organization, (2) evaluating customer experiences at each touchpoint, (3) designing unique experiences, (4) operations and performance measurement, and (5) enhancing experiences into beautiful memories. In addition, the results of the study indicated that the overall experience of service users varies significantly, affecting loyalty in the healthcare industry from health examination services in terms of (1) Repeat service usage, (2) Product loyalty, and (3) Word-of-mouth recommendations with statistical significance (p-value < 0.001). The study’s findings showed that the service experience factors affected customer loyalty to the healthcare business in Thailand.

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Chareanporn, T., Suwanwong Rodbundith, T., & Boonbumroongsuk, B. (2024). The Service Experience Designed Factor Affecting Customer Loyalty:: A Case Study in The Healthcare Business in Thailand. Connexion: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 13(1), 123–141. Retrieved from
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