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Tasanee Aromkliang


This qualitative research had objectives 1) to study the problems and impacts of educational management in Chiang Mai Community Educational Organizations, 2) to investigate the potential of the Organizations in educational management, and 3) to formulate the strategic plan of educational management in the Organizations in ASEAN community. The participatory studies were conducted in 11 communities in Chiang Mai. Qualitative and quantitative data were analyzed to identify the problems, impacts, and organizational potential; and to formulate strategic plans by SWOT Analysis. The problem of community educational management was the system of the management was ineffective which had an impact of students’ learning quality leading to uncompetitive of those students in other communities in ASEAN. The organizations had potential in linking with those learning networks to improve the educational management with ASEAN community. The organizations have formulated 4 educational strategic plans in uplifting the educational management – 1) Turn around strategic plan, 2) Retrenchment strategic plan, 3) Aggressive strategic plan, and 4) Stability strategic plan.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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