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ภัทรา บุรารักษ์


The objectives of this article are study on communication problem in accessing legal rights of nationality-less people and the communication participatory to empower to access their legal rights by qualitative research method. The result showed that, there is inequity communication between nationality-less people and the service; provider public sectors and private sectors This problem can cause them to fear and lack of . While the participatory communication to empower the nationality-less people indicated should practice on 3 areas which are 1) increasing access to legal rights information of nationality-less people 2) increasing power for the nationality-less people by giving knowledge of 5 legal rights and training 9 communication skills 3) creating channel of communication to make this a topic as a local agenda. As result of this study the nationality-less people more courage to access and claim that their legal rights in differences  way, depend on their communication behaviour.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)
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ภัทรา บุรารักษ์, University of phayao

New Media communication, School of Manangement information science


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