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The purposes of this study were 1) to study factors effecting to success in Muaythai camp business 2) to study the essential elements for success of Muaythai camp business for foreigners 3) to study success factors affecting to learning Muaythai. The samples were 465 foreigners who learn Muaythai by using multi-stage sampling method. The Instrument of this study was questionnaire. Statistical analyses were frequency, percentage, average, standard deviation, factors analysis and stepwise multiple regression analysis. The result showed that an essential element for success of Muaythai camp business for foreigners consisted of cleanliness and safety, high quality staff, places and equipment, sport science, good Muaythai business connection and Muaythai courses and activities. Success factors of Muaythai camp business for foreigners consisted of 1) good Muaythai business connection 2) high quality staff 3) Muaythai courses and activities 4) places and equipment 5) Cleanliness and Safety and 6) training Muaythai with sport science. The total variance was at 60.24  The success of learning Muaythaifor foreigners showed that good take care’s trainers and safety place, credibility of Muaythai camp, good environment, high quality trainers, good responsiveness’s manager and provide sufficient quality equipment. Success factors affecting to learning Muaythai consisted of place and quality of equipment for learning Muaythai, high quality Muaythai courses, high quality Muaythai staff and good Muaythai business.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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