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Research of Photo-media Art: Silent Violence aims to study factors that stimulate violence in Bangkok at night. The project presents harmful and dangerous atmosphere in some places in Bangkok through photos. The Research Processes are 1) Collect and study theories, ideas, and researches about how people perceive and fear of crimes, geographic and other information of places that crimes had been committed, photographic art about beauty and presentation 2) Observe and select places 3) Create the Photo-media Art 4) Improve and enhance and 5) Analyze, summarize, and debate. The Research Result are 1) The perception of crime news creates and increase fear of crimes. Moreover, bad environment of places can also stimulate fear of crimes without any real crime case in their areas 2) The research that clearly show risky places in Bangkok can stimulate fear of crimes and violence among audiences 3) Stitching images into panorama can enhance audience's perception and engagement toward the dangerous atmosphere in those images 4) Some signs such as, shabby buildings and house, graffiti on walls, and plenty of garbage on footpath and road are contexts and incentives that stimulate fear of violence

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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