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พระแวงชัย (หล้าลี) ธมฺมกาโม
พระมหาบุญไทย ปุญญมโน
พระศรีมงคลเมธี -
พระศรีวินยาภรณ์ (สายรุ้ง อินฺทาวุโธ)


The objectives of this research were as follows: 1) to study development of life quality, with Puññakiriyãvatthu, 2) to integrate development of life quality with Puññakiriyãvatthu, and 3) to propose a guideline and a new knowledge model in development of life quality integrated with Puññakiriyãvatthu. The data of this qualitative research were collected by in-depth interviews and focus group discussions             The results of the study indicated that:  1) Development of life quality is a changing process of thinking, behavior and perception to the desirable life objectively and subjectively. 2) The development of life quality integrated with Puññakiriyãvatthu is the principles of development can be divided into three parts; (1) developing with giving or sharing which consists of giving charity, dedicating merits, and rejoicing in others' merits, (2) developing with morality consisting observing the precepts, modesty and hospitality, and (3) developing with meditation consisting of meditation, listening to the Doctrine, teaching the Doctrine, and straightening out one's views.  3) Development of life quality integrated with Puññakiriyãvatthu can be concluded into a UPW model, consisting of (1) Usefulness caused by giving and sharing, (2) Peacefulness caused by observing precepts, and (3) Wisdom caused by the knowledge obtained from concentration.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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