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Creative Brain Storming Technique is a simple mean to generate a number of fresh and new ideas. These ideas are necessity resources to determine a good initial design concept. The result is a clear guideline to produce quality sketches, which can be developed to quality design. The objective of this research is to investigate the result of Creative Brain Storming Technique. This technique was conducted through Creative Crafts, which the participants were Bachelor Degree students from Creative Crafts Major, Department of
Creative Arts, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University. The technique was assumed to help the students to develop the way to generate numbers of quality initial ideas in order to develop them to quality design. Having used the Creative Brain Storming technique through 3 designed exercises, the study has proved that the technique provides systematic thinking method to generate proper design solutions. This helps the participated students to create quality sketches and quality design at the end, not only efficiently but also less time consuming. Since the technique constructs not only a clear guideline but also
systematic problem solving to the students in order to produce better quality sketches in a shorter time than before. The students have amazing progress in generating necessary keywords that respond to the design assignments. Therefore, every student is highly satisfied and fully agrees that the technique is very beneficial. It has provided them an enhanced mean to improve their design processes, deign results and themselves.

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