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The purpose of this research was to study the risks engaging in sexual behaviors of students in Rajabhat University, Rattanakosin sector. The sample groups derived from simple random sampling were four hundred. An assessment form for evaluating risks engaging in sexual behavior was used for data collection and the data were examined the internal consistency reliability was 0.938 of Cronbach’s alpha coefficient.  The data were subsequently analyzed by percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test and one-way analysis
of variances. The research results were as follows: The sexual risk behaviors of the students were moderate. The difference of risks engaging in sexual behavior between female and male students was statistically significant at .05. Students with different learning outcomes, marital status of parents and living styles had no significantly different in risks engaging in sexual behaviors. The findings will be useful for the development of sexual education for students and youths with appropriate sexual behavior.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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