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Choeyaphol Poolklun
ีUrapong Patkachar


In addition to the development of story, actors and broadcasting channel of the series to gain in popularity, there were many factors making the series successful.This study was conducted for improvement of the concept and theory based on the grounded theory. The research’s objective was to study the building of the individual personality of the characters in the series and the image of the characters and actors of “Hormones The Series: Wai Wawun.”  According to the research results from the perspective of the production team, scholars, and audiences, It was revealed that the image of characters was created from problems which were shared experiences and connected with the mental state of the audience during the coming-of-age period through the significant place in the story, namely Nadao Bangkok School, which is the same name as the production company.  As a result, the shared perception of the unique images was built by commencing the creation of images, characters and producers.  In this research, the researchers discovered the concept of the development process of characters which lead to the creation of the image of actors from the shared experiences through the image of the characters and the building of individual personality between the producer and the series, which the researchers recommended that this concept should be examined with other series.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)
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ีUrapong Patkachar, School of Digital Media and Cinematic Arts, Bangkok University

Digital media and cinematic art


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