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Pratya Mahavinijchaimontri


The objective of this research is to study legal measurements of utility debt among government agencies, which covers servicing and purchasing contracts of electricity and water supply from the real cases. Based on qualitative analysis methodology, a number of documents are analyzed and compared to foreign legal theories and concepts. There’s in-depth interview with a group of 10 key informants from 10 different organizations who provided statements to Office of the Attorney General. The evaluation has been done in a group discussion of 10 prosecutors to seek for answers based on pre-defined conceptual framework and hypothesis. In which the researcher has summarize the analysis results accordingly.

The research result reveals that dispute resolution between government agencies and state enterprises involves all sectors of executive department. Starting from setting up of semi-compulsory measurement of justice administration, using of debt repayment concept, refraining from pleading against limitation, waiving of limitation, and acceptance of guilty condition. These processes shall be used to enforce execution of utility debt cases among government agencies practically and compliance to the Prime Minister’s Office regulations. It’s an alternative solution to a step-up of justice administration in order to resolve disputes among government agencies on utility debt, simplify claim management, be fair, quick and efficient, flexible, economical and transparent acceptable to creditors and debtors. This will build up confidence in public administration systems in dispute resolution among government agencies in the end.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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